What types of professional development do you offer?

We offer targeted professional development and support customized to client's needs. Professional development may include a focus on continuous improvement, instructional practices, Common Core standards, assessment, leadership, instructional coaching, and community engagement.


How do you deliver your services? 

Face-to-face visits are often most effective, but through the use of technology, services can be delivered in a more cost effective manner. Some options include video conferencing and online courses as well as blended approaches. When we are on-site, we prefer to use an innovative hybrid approach to your initiative. We will train teachers in research-based pedagogy and then bring it into your classrooms as we model the concept at hand. We are all experienced classroom teachers and 'practice what we preach', showing your teachers how to implement within your classroom and with your students. 

What is your 'Store'?

We really have three places that you can find the great books and materials that we use in our workshops: 

     * Most of our selected items are found in our Amazon Associates store. If you use our link you will go directly to out own Amazon Associates store.  Please note: the prices that you pay here are identical to what you would pay if you went directly to Amazon. There is no additional cost to you! However, we do receive a very small percentage of sales which we can then use to find more wonderful children's books to use in our workshops. 

     * Some of our items are available directly from us. Hard copies of our popular books, The Messy Zoo and I Love You Just Because are only available from our website. Get yours before they are gone!

     * Make sure that you check out our TeachersPayTeachers (TpT) sites as well.  We are in the process of uploading some of our most requested lesson plans.  


Mission Statement

De novo Learning consultants are highly qualified professionals committed to partnering with all educational stakeholders through innovative professional development (IPD) to ensure student success.

De novo Learning, Inc.

​A New Beginning for Education

Frequently Asked Questions

De novo Learning

De novo is a Latin expression meaning "from the beginning", "afresh", "anew", and "beginning again". 

We are dedicated to a new beginning for education.