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​A New Beginning for Education

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Why Global Education?

At a time when our nation seems preoccupied with terrorism, disease, and turmoil, it is vitally important that we develop an awareness of global issues.  We believe that parents and teachers can inspire today's youth to welcome diversity and to work together for solutions to promote world peace, understanding, and cooperation.  

Why De novo learning?

De novo Learning consultants are uniquely positioned to help you raise and educate children to be at home in the world. We have worked with parents and teachers throughout the world and know that they all want the same things for their children.  We are committed to making a difference in the world by teaching children how to be truly global citizens.

Products & Services 

At De novo Learning we strive to provide professional development that is relevant and timely. Our original products have been created to address the needs of parents, grandparents and teachers in a unique and stimulating format.  We also provide you with links to selected products that meet our criterion.